Software and Firmware
Why not try out Triplogik Free Mileage Logbook Software ? It’s simple to install and comes with some demo databases.
Version Date: June 2016 
Just Purchased a TripLogik? Need an update? Download this first  
Manager Software for PC
Bulk Eraser Tool
LoggerBulkErase Will completely erase your mileage recorder and make it like new. Note: Download to your PC and Run to perform a memory format full erase. (PC ONLY)
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Serial Number Utility
GetTLDeviceInfo Used to extract the serial number from your mileage logger. (PC ONLY)
Other utilities
If you need to update, please download the full version above. We strongly recommend you make a backup copy of your database file. instructions on how to backup database here Close previous version of the manager before upgrading Unplug the TL1000 logger from the PC If you are upgrading you might need to uninstall the previous version. 
Links to third party utilities are provided as a courtesy. Please refer to the provider for support of their respective products.
Acrobat reader
Free on-line Sync
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WINDOWS 10 users
To read the User Manual If you don’t have Acrobat reader You can download it from Adobe here.
UPDATING the Manager software ?
Please configure your anti-virus/firewall to grant permission to the TripLogik Manager to communicate over the internet and retrieve places from Google. Failure to do so will generate scrip errors preventing the manager from working. (more info here)
Download the ZIP Or EXE
Firewall and Anti-Virus Configuration Warning
Please consult the
Complete CD with references and utilities
Manager Software for Mac OS
Version 1.0.5  (build 2437) Date: Jan 2018 
Download the installation : TripLogik Manager Mac OS
NOTE to Windows users converting to Mac OS The TripLogik TL1000 logger must be registered as a Mac version in order to be use under Mac OS. As of April 1st 2017, a new Mac firmware must be purchased to enable the logger to work with the Mac version of the Manager.    If you purchased a Mac version of the TripLogik, it is ready to work already. Purchase a TL1000 Windows PC to Mac OS change here
Users Guide download Full user manual in PDF format (Already included in the TripLogik Manager download)
Users Guide TL1000