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Better mileage claims while saving  time and money. With the TL1000 GPS Mileage Log Tracker and TripLogik Manager, your staff will simply need to upload their trips and generate a report.  Exporting just the miles they are claiming means that there will be no intrusion or violation of privacy while ensuring all claims are verifiable.  The automatic capture of trip data combined with the TripLogik Manager software makes report generation a breeze and means no more chasing of mileage logs. Optimise your vehicle's use The TL1000 logs the route taken for each trip, allowing you to analyse your staff's business travel and identify opportunities to optimise journeys and make better use of your valuable staff and vehicle resources. Enterprises Are you a professional or self employed worker? Do you know that you must record your expenses related to business trips? The TL1000 GPS Mileage logger offers you a simple low-cost solution, simplifying your life and minimizing your taxes. TripLogik is even a deductible expense in itself!  
Record your Boating or Driving Vacation. For RV With so much of holidays involving driving: Why waste those memories? Capture them with the TL1000 mileage logger. With its permanent connection to the power supply there is no need to remember to turn it on or change batteries, leaving you free to…., well just to enjoy yourself. It will automatically record your journey, from the shortcuts and wrong turns to the endless road. GPS trip recorder for Boats Record your boating trip anywhere in the world. The Triplogik TL1000 comes with a cigarette lighter adapter that will work in any boat. You will be able to see and pin-point exactly where you were on any lake, river or ocean, using Google Maps directly in the software. Use the button to mark a waypoint and flag specific locations where you are over any body of water.
Reduce the hassle of reporting your mileage to a few mouse clicks. Self-employed or have to report mileage to a boss? Don't waste valuable time or miss miles you forgot to note! The TL1000 mileage logger GPS distance and route recorder will automatically log your travel with minimum effort.   When you need to report your mileage just connect your TL1000 to your PC, upload the data and in a couple of clicks you can print the report. With innovations like Trip Type Selection during the journey and the powerful range of tools provided in the TripLogik Manager software, you can always claim the full amount of your mileage. The TL1000 mileage logger automatically records your trips via GPS with a minimum of effort. When you have to produce a report just connect your TL1000 to your PC, download the data and in a few clicks you can print the report.
Designed to do just one job and do it properly ...
Designed to do the job whatever the vehicle or the trip...
We turned an innovative idea into a practical, easy-to-use and reliable solution. We practically started from a white sheet and managed to create the most sophisticated GPS business mileage logger recorder available. With simplicity in mind, you can now know precisely how far you have travelled for business or pleasure. Once it is installed on your personal or company vehicle’s dashboard, you’re done! A single button is used to classify the trip for your reports... either Business or Personal? We selected the largest antenna to achieve maximum efficiency,. Added a vibration sensor to know when you’re in the car and also included a light sensor to dim the LED at night. Finally, we reinvented the power supply with an OBD connector, leaving your cigarette lighter plug free for other devices.   The TL1000 is an attractive logger that records every move with GPS precision. Its larger antenna can track trips downtown, and unlike cell phone apps, there is no need to turn it ON because it’s always ON and ready. No need to start and stop an app, Just stick it on the dashboard and you’re done!   Technology highlights • High signal antenna for better performance in high density location. • No false trips. Thank’s to Triplogik’s unique filtering logic, it prevents false destination affecting most mileage loggers. • Permanent power, with our unique OBD power cable, leaving your cigarette lighter free for other devices. • Memory to record up to 50,000 miles (70 000 km) between downloads on your computer.  • Easy to use software generates IRS and CRA Canada Revenue Agency reports in only a few clicks. NO MONTHLY SERVICE FEES,  definitely no hidden fees for address retrieval, no contract    TripLogik Automatic GPS Mileage Log Tracking works anywhere on the planet even on boats, since it doesn’t require    cellular services. Allied with the power of Google MapTM it offers reliable and totally free map and address location service. (No hidden fees) . You can trust TripLogik with its Britano-Canadian manufacturing and proven track record  in meeting and exceeding expectations across the world. Let TripLogik build your mileage book automatically as you drive with a single button. Just think of it as a lifetime insurance policy against lost mileage for your tax deductions.
Vehicle Mileage Tracking Solution Key Features   • Auto Start GPS Mileage Tracking • Discrete and attractive - fits conveniently on your dashboard • GPS built-in, to record all your trips with 50 000 miles memory (70 000KM) • Always ready, no intervention required or delays during day to day use* • Detects vehicle movement, only logs travelled distance when the vehicle is moving • Visual and audio indication of GPS signal and power loss • Light sensor automatically dims LED at night • Automatic trip recovery when losing signal in a tunnel • Ends a trip when you stop for more than 6 minutes   
          • Motion sensor preventing the end of trips when waiting in traffic more than 5 minutes           • Installation leaves the cigarette lighter socket free for other uses           • All records are encrypted for security, if stolen your travel records are safe from prying eyes**           • Password reset can only be done by TripLogik, if stolen, it’s as good as a brick           • Reports can be generated, printed or exported to other applications like MS-Excel           • Push button allows you to choose the trip type (business or personal) or log specific points of interest           • Can be used with trucks, cars, motorcycles, bicycle, off-road, on water anywhere on the planet                  *  assuming the vehicle’s on board diagnostic connector is used and remains powered at all times               ** assuming the user has configured a password
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